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Our team of professionals provides clients with full design and engineering services for the design of sports and support facilities. When a local architectural/engineering firm is part of the team, it handles the local issues, site engineering, approvals and general construction documents, while we focus on the overall program, master plan, preliminary design, and the construction documents for the tennis-related components. During the construction contract administration stage, GS&TDG makes visits during the critical times in the schedule, while our local team members provide the day-to-day administrative continuity. This process works quite well for us as evidenced by over 70 design awards in the last 15 years.

Business Arrangements...

GS&TDG as a Sub-Consultant:

As a sub-consultant, GS&TDG offers the prime consultant (architect, planner or landscape architect) the convenience of having an expert on their team, with a proven track record, that will handle the design and documentation for the sport and tennis related improvements.

GS&TDG in a Design / Build Team:

Often, clients favor a design-build approach with a single team. GS&TDG has teamed with the best certified contractors and offered that option. Today, GS&TDG has a network of certified sports and tennis contractors all around the country, and that build abroad, that are happy to team with GS&TDG.

GS&TDG Fees:

Our fees are based on the "scope of work". We can be your consultant on an hourly-rate basis or lump sum fee basis. Each project has its unique qualities and GS&TDG is committed to addressing the needs of each Client individually. We pride ourselves in offering a service package that assures the Client of a quality product for an affordable price.


Global Sports & Tennis Design Group (GS&TDG) designs sports facilities around the world, with a special focus on new and renovated tennis and tennis-related facilities. Our design teams are made up of some of the best professionals in the industry and over the years, many of the resulting facilities have been recognized for their design excellence, accumulating over 70 facility awards.